MicroSDHC Mobile Ultra 4gb formatted and now is everything gone, help!?!

Hello everyone!

I have done a very stupid thing: I formatted my microsdcard and now everything is gone. The biggest problem is dat my mobile phone can not read it anymore. Does someone no what to do about this?

Do you have a Format function in your phone?


Have you tried using it? Or did you, and that’s when the problem started? You can also use Windows to format it, or the SD Association’s Formatting tool.

Unfortunately I did use it and my mobile phone can’t read it anymore:(

Ah, no worries then.  You’ll need to mount the card in a reader, and format using a PC.  I really like the SD card port on my netbook for this, as the other PCs here only have USB ports.  If you don’t have an available slot for the card, these little guys are inexpensive:

SanDisk Multiple Card Reader

The SD Association utility Tapeworm provided a link for is the hot ticket for preparing an SD card from scratch.

If performing a basic formatusing Windows, which should work, don’t use the Quick Format option, use the full format, and since it’s a 4GB device, you’ll need to select FAT32 as your format.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: