4gb micro SDHC card not detect by mobile & laptop not able to format



Last night I brought 4gb micro SDHC card with adaptor. I try it with my Samsung mobile phone and not detected. Then I inserted to my laptop SD card slot using adaptor, this time My laptop detected and not able to access. If I try to access, windows asking to format, if allow to format , not succeeded. 

I check this on "disk management” option, it showing 1335.87 GB. !  And I am not able to format using FAT32. Even I try to format using DOS command, it showing “RAW” type only. Verification fail and too big size error message.

My laptop running windows XP and service pack is up-to-date!


1)     If my laptop don’t have support SDHC , then mobile should detect Right ? (Samsung Galaxy support SDHC)

2)     If mobile don’t detect “non-format” device , then how can I format this card ?


Any suggestions?  Please advise me what’s going wrong here?

I would return it for another one. This one sounds defective.