MicroSD Affect Clip+ battery life ??

is anyone know that when insert microSD card into my sansa Clip+, it will decrease the battery life ?

i’ve seen in http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=56312

someone tell the difference in battery life while microSD card inserted.

with my experiace i can’t achieve 10 hours playback time with microSD card inserted. so i think that microSD consume more power than internal memory.

The Clip+ has a slightly smaller battery than the 330mAh battery of the original Clip, allowing for the microSD carrier assembly.  Mine has always been the little podcast and audiobook machine while cycling.

With a long sleeve yersey, the device slips to my wristband or rests on the mack of my glove, it’s so conveniently small.  Compared against the original Clip, the Plus is, for lack of a better word, faster in terms of operational speed.  It accesses files and runs through the menus with ease.  I’ve always attributed this among the factors contributing to shorter battery time more than the microSD cards I have always mounted from day one.

The battery indicator is pretty low by eight hours, but this little guy has never run down to the “battery low, feed me” message point.  There’s a little variation in individual lithium-polymer units as well in terms of overall capacity.

Over the last year, many have reported superior performance when running Rockbox on the little guy.  Mine remains running the original firmware for many reasons, including that I run with Rhapsody and Audible format media.  Rockbox does not support protected media files.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: