Does 16gb sd card kill battery life faster?

Does the size of the SD card you use with the Clip+ really kill your battery faster?  Put another way, if I use a 16gb sd card, will that kill battery life faster than if I was using a 4 or 8gb sd card?  I am trying to figure out a way to squeeze more battery life out of my Clip+.  Drives me nuts … Sandisk really needs to work on upping the ante on battery life for the next generation Clip.

I don’t believe that the card size makes a difference as to battery life (or, if it does, it seemingly would be very minimal). 

The best way to coax more battery life out of the Clip:  load and use the Rockbox alternative firmware.  From  Especially with the Clip+, a seemingly significant battery increase (the last battery tests I saw showed around 15+ hours using Rockbox).