memory shows full while files are empty

Hi,  Have a problem that I can not get cleared up.  The internel memory is in the red showing most of the space is used but I have deleted all the mp3 audiobooks in the files, but it still reads as full.  Tried rebooting , that did not help.   Would reloading firmware help?  if so what one. it is Zip clip 4G have used it for 2 years for just audiobooks.

thank you for any help.  denise

How did you delete them, from the player itself or attached to a computer? Note that if you connected to a Mac, you must empty your Trash while the player is still connected, otherwise only the reference to the files on the Mac will be deleted, not the files themselves.

Reloading firmware will do nothing, but if you want to delete everything and have a clean slate, you can format the player. There is an option to do this in the Settings menu.