Memory cards as storage. Do i need to re-plug them back in to my PC from time to time? (& SSD's)

I’ve bought some SanDisk memory cards for the purpose of backing up & storing my pictures and videos in case my PC’s hard drive fails or the data on it becomes unreadable. The hard drive may not fail for a few years and so i wondering if from time to time i need to insert the memory cards back into the PC for it to energise them or check the files on the cards for imminent failure?

I suspect not, but actually don’t really know for sure and so apologies if it seems like a bit of a dumb question. I would hate to plug the cards back in-in a few years only to find that i didn’t apply standard procedures. Is there a recomended time limit before they should be replaced with copies too?

I’m now thinking of buying a solid state drive too but would only want to turn it on once per year when i do the yearly album and movie backup. Would the same question about memory cards also receive the same answer when applied to SSD’s too?

Many thanks for any help.

flash memory is a non volatile memory technology. Data integrity is rated at around 10 years for flash memory. 

Thanks for the reply.

Yes i understand that memory cards are non volatile memory technology (retain data even when the power is turned off).

What i wasn’t sure about is whether it’s needed from time to time to plug the memory cards back in to the computer so it can check that all’s still OK with whats on them. I know its recommended that hard drives have their data refreshed from time to time to stop data degradation and was wondering if something similar needs to be applied to memory cards too, or at the very least have the computer check that all’s as it should be.


… im fairly sure data on memory cards dont need refreshing like they do on hard drives, but was unsure if perhaps they still need plugging in from time to time to maybe get a bit of electrical boost or something.

I suppose what i could of asked is: Is it ok to leave them on the shelf for a few years at a time without ever plugging them back in?