Memory card question

Hi ev1. Can a 32GB SDHC UHS-I be used in the 32GB model of wireless flash drive? Didn’t know if the UHS-I would be a problem or not. I didn’t think it would, seems its compatible with All SDHC architectures, but wanted to make sure. Also, is the WiFi speed utilizing the ‘N’ Protocol for speeds. Somewhere around 30 MB/sec? from the 300 Mbs/sec Thank you for any reply to this, it’s appreciated! I think the memory card I bought is an overkill, since it’s rated @ 90 MB-read / 80 MB-write

yes that card will work. the only compatiblity issue for the 32GB model is with SDXC cards because the 32GB model does not support exFAT. 

Thanks for your reply, its appreciated. There must be some typo on the boxes shipped out then. On mine, and I double checked right before this reply, it mentioned there’s a [SDXC] card already installed. Not sure what’s up there. When I took the card out tho, it was indeed a SDHC. I have a question tho, if one formatted a SDXC memory card to be fat32, it would work, right? And if it’s 32 GB.

yes if they are reformatted in FAT32 they will work in the 32GB WFD but you will be limited  to the FAT32 file system i.e. no single file larger than 4GB etc 

my box has no mention of SDXC (i have the 32GB) can you post a picture?

Thank you for your replies. You’ve been most helpful. And I love this product, especially when it comes to multi-platform sharing.

How do I go about uploading image(s)? Thanks

Here’s hoping this is how it’s done. :slight_smile:

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