Memory card not working

I have bought a Galaxy 3S 32GB scandisk sd. Unfortunately after 3 months the card suddenly not working. It is all the time on the device and never got it. He had rubbed off or damaged as a result of misuse. I’d love to hear what you offer.

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Thank you


Yes there are some issues with the SanDisk cards with samsung devices and the samsung software kies so you might check your card if it works on the pc disabling the software kies if you have it on the pc and then see if it is recognized by the pc and if it pop ups an error message if something like that occurs then format the card and it should be fine by then.

I think that you checked first that the card is compatible with your device first and that it should be working fine and that you didnt missused the card by any way.

I hope that my answer was helpfull to you.