Memory card not detected and phone hanging

Hello team,

I am using Sandisk ultra 16GB memory card in Windows lumia 640 phone since nearly one year.

one day suddently on my phone was struck not even unable to turn off my phone.

To restart my phone i remove and insert my battery again and then holds power button of my phone then my phone shows my lock screen with flight mode in ON condition. Even unable to unlock my phone and also any buttons are not working, it means completely hanging my phone. While i remove the Memory card and restart my phone then my phone works normally with internal memory. If i insert the memory card into one another windows lumia phone problem is same phone not responding as explained above. 

The hanging phone connected to my laptop with USB connection. then also memory not detected my laptop.

The momory card is connected with card reader adaptor that time also not detected by my laptop.

My memory card details are: SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I   16GB

please give me better sollution…