media converter

 where do i get this converter my computer says that the site i tried to get it from doesn’t exist and yes i spelled it correctly


after you get to that page click on  “Skip registration”

when you get to that page click on  “Download another Driver”

Then go to the “select product type” drop down window and select sansa

“choose operating system” dropdown menu select your OS

Then click   “find Driver”

Highlight the bubble in front of the sansa media Converter and continue

Then just click the blue download bubble and intall the converter. This should fix your video problems.

HI, try this link - for the e260 Sansa Software -

Hope you can access it without registration, if not - you have to go to Products page:

(SanDisk may move this page), find Sansa eXXX player,

then  go to “Support Docs and more” link:,

then : Sansa Midia Converter (Software)

hope you find it…

I am not able to find the direct link to dowloand the media converter…Can any body hel me to help me on that…

Hi. I just bought a Sansa 8GB Fuze, and had a really hard time getting the Media Converter to download too.

The solution?

I was attempting to download the file through firefox, and by switching to IE (which I hate but keep on my PC because sometimes things like this happen), for some reason it worked.

So if you haven’t, try that.

There’s browser compatibility for you. :neutral_face:

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hey. do you know where i can get a FREE download for the media converter?

The Sansa Media Converter is free.  Be sure to go with the InterVideo version 4.236, the latest, as it is compatible with both versions of the e200 and the new Fuze.

The 4.220 InterVideo Converter does not like the Fuze (or is it the other way around?), use the 4.236 update.

When transferring video and photos to your device, don’t try doing a combination of the two, as it can confuse things.  Close and reopen the Converter, and take on your next media transfer separately (video vs. photos).

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: