Manage files directly on Sansa e200 series players


I wonder if it can be add functionalities to manage files directly on the Sansa players, especially, to delete files. My understanding is the only way to delete files (audio, pictures or video) is by the computer player synchronization or by use Explorer in Windows.

Sometime, I listen a song and I don’t want to wait to be in front of my computer to delete it.



I’m personally torn on this issue. Cause sometimes there are songs that I find and I wonder, Why did I put this on my player.  However, I’m not really gaining anything by deleting it that second. I’m not usually at my computer so I can’t add any new music to replace it on my player. So all in all it’s not really hurting anything.  I sometimes use the rating feature of my e200 to mark it so it stands out. That way next time I take it to my computer I know which ones to delete.  I sometimes fear that if my player was able to delete music and I let someone else use it my music (that I like) would somehow manage to disappear.
All in all this might be good but may cause more heartache than it’s worth.

I believe that OpenSource (free) firmware from Rockbox will provide the  extended capabilities - worth trying?

There is a way to delete a song on the player:

While the song is playing, hit the Down/Submenu button: scroll down to Delete Song…

I have firmware version: V03.01.11A

Hope this helps…