Made XP, SP2, Windows Embedded Standard 2009, system to see the CF Extreme 8GB as fixed disk.

Hi All,

I am setting up an industrial PC with CF card reader on board of the motherboard. The system come with a 8GB CF card, with XP SP2, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 installed. I want to keep this card as the Master copy, hence I purchase a SanDisk Extreme 8GB CF card as the replacement. I’ve manage to copy the image onto the new CF card and make it bootable. However when XP is running, it still see the CF card as a Removable disk C:. Where as with the original CF card, the OS see it as a fixed disk C:. Is there is a way that I can make the SanDisk CF card as a fixed disk, as I’m having trouble with software installation.

unfortunately no you cannot make it see it as fixed disk. sandisk only sells fixed disk cards via the OEM channel. you would need to contact one of their OEM distributors and purchase a fixed disk mode card. 

Thanks you for your reply.