m250 with FW would not display tag info in Chinese

I just purchased a new m250 with the latest Firmware Version  It would not display the artists, albums, or the song titles in Chinese characters.  Instead, it displays ??? marks.  My old m230 displays the same tag info in Chinese without any problem, so does a newer Sansa Clip 2GB.

I tried switching the language setting to Chinese.  The problem persisted.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestion in solving this problem.   Thank you.

maybe you can try this way:

transfer those songs with strange tags “???” from m250 to the players which can display the Chinese song tags corrctly as you said in your post, check if they are  OK in other players.if not,that is not the fault of m250, PERHAPS that is because the Chinese Character Set in tags. you can try to rename and input the name of Chinese songs tags again by using a different CHINESE charracter set,I think GB2312 should be Ok.

I once solved this problem in my sansa e280 before,I just received a new m250 today ,I did not have time to test its performance yet,perhaps I will meet the same problems.

good luck!