m240 copying errors

I’ve been having a few serious problems with my m240.

I’m not able to copy music to my player anymore.  I receive an error message saying that the file either “doesn’t exist” or is “in use by another device”.  I have all other applications closed, and the files do indeed exists since I’m able to play them fine (in WMA format).  I’m not sure what I did for this not to work anymore.

Also, there are albums on my player that don’t show up in Explorer when my device is plugged in.  I manually wiped out all the music on my player, and yet three albums and a few other random songs still remain on the device. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

try switching modes to get rid of those other albums, you can do that by going to settings>USB mode/mode (this is one on the player itself)

can you format the device? right-click in my computer and format… this will delete EVERYTHING off the player at once.