M.S. Viista & SanDisk SSD: I can't find Trim or Driver Support or Dashboard ~ Please Help!

MicroSoft Viista & SanDisk SSD:

I can’t find Trim(device manger)  or Driver Support or Dashboard for SSD ~ Please Help!

PS Im not upgrading my old computer to 7 8 etc…    done this is the past & it was waste of $ made compter run horribly…

microsoft has stopped supporting visa so most manufacturers have as well. 

TRIM is not in the device manager or anywhere else for that matter. it is an OS function and works without user input as long as you have you BIOS set to AHCI for the SATA mode. 

SSD do not have drivers. the drivers it uses are actually the SATA chipset drivers. These are either native to the OS (microsoft AHCI) or available from the computer or motherboard manufacturer.

the SSD dashboard can be downloaded here https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15108