lyrics visualization

Hello. I’m new to the forum (just bought the player for 1 week :slight_smile: ). I was wondering, does anyone knows whether there are plans to enable displaying lyrics in the sansa clip

Oh, and btw,is there a way to know what firmware version is running the device?

Thanks in advance…

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Dunno about the lyrics thing…I presume it would hit the battery kinda hard…like the discussion on the fast vs slow scrolling?

Anyway…on the firmware question, to see what firmware rev you have on your Clip, go to “Settings”, then “System Info” (I think that’s it…Clip is not in front of me ATM).  It should display the firware rev, along with other tasty info like total mem, mem free, battery charge %, total number of songs, books, etc…

Apologies if I got the terminology on the menus hosed there…like I said, away from the Clip at the moment…but it’s something close to that. 

Thank you for your answer. I have checked the firmware version following your indications. Although I bought it just a couple of days ago, it seems that the firmware of my unit is quite old (0.18), so I’ll give a try to the new firmware… :smiley:

It is not unusual for firmware to be updated after the product is produced and in inventory. It could be quite a while before a customer picks it up off a store shelf. Thus the dated firmware.

It is a good idea to format ones new player when one gets it. A firmware update is not usually needed unless one has a specific concern or needs an added feature.

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