Some improvements in Clip+ firmware

I’ve used a clip 2GB for nearly 2 years and just got a clip+ 4GB. Here are several things I noticed:

  1. Boot time went from > 9 seconds to < 5 seconds. I hope it stays this good with a memory card in the slot.

  2. The recently added music list holds the 50 most recently added songs. That’s why the clip+ has date & time - so it can track when each song is added.

  3. Track info is a great feature.

  4. Menus are reorganized a bit - music options is under the settings menu, not the music menu. It seems more logical to me.

  5. Five new EQ presets. Full Treble is great for listening to old-time radio recordings.

  6. The long names scroll a lot faster now and make them much easier to read.

Good job, Sansa!

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WoW! Now here’s something we haven’t seen around here lately . . .

a positive post!

WoW! Now here’s something we haven’t seen around here lately . . .

a positive post!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My Clip+ is due to arrive today. I can’t wait! I thought the Clip was almost perfect, and almost every single wish I wanted seems to be on the Clip+. I don’t like getting my hopes up for things, but I’m really excited for this.

I’ve been really please with my blue 4GB Clip+ so far.  Besides being tiny, having that awesome microSD slot (20GB player smaller than a Zippo lighter - cool!), and sounding incredible, I’ve found that the Clip+ transfers files faster, refreshes the database quicker, and has a very nice battery life.


I’m so impressed by SanDisk in creating this player.  Thanks to them and the fine folks at this forum!

Some watches have a crystal that makes the watch face appear magnified. Why doesn’t the Clip+ have something similar built in that would make the tiny screen easier to read? I hope Sandisk will consider this for the next generation of Clip+ players(or other players with a tiny screen).

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I think the display is readable enough.  My request is to use one of the many open spaces in the various display screens, to show the time of day.  The firmware has a date/time setting, but the only way to see it is on the menu where you set it.  (Where it’s spread out over several lines.)