Lost important videos and Pics I get IO/ Error 0x8007045d

Hello, my Samsung S8 somehow screwed up my SD card and I can’t get some of the pics/videos off of it. I can copy and read most of them. just so happens that one of the last videos of my dad a live was on of the files I can’t view or copy. it will play maybe 15 seconds of a 5 min video than VLC locks up.

So I have tried many different PC’s and operating systems. XP, WIN7 and WIN10. also used a few different card readers. the phone simple says to format the SSD.

Here’s what happens. When you try to copy a known bad file the copy starts and gets about 20% done then stops for a few minutes. On windows XP and WIN7 the copying just stops, on WIN10 I get the 0x8007045d I/O error. Out of nearly 8000 pics and vids only about 20 are bad. most are not important but one of those is the last video of my dad.

To me it seems like the SD card is stopping, like the possessing within the card has crashed. I have even tried copying in safe mode via cmd prompt. Also tried to just create a image but again the SD card just stops/locks up.

Any ideas?