I am getting an error "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error"

I have 3 SD cards - A 8GB & a 4GB micro SD card, and a Kingston 4GB full sized SD - that are all returning the above when I try to read them… I have tried reading them using a couple of card readers, as well as one that’s built into another machine - well 2 actually. I’ve tried on Windows XP Pro & Home as well as Linux. I’ve tried using the Panasonic Formatting program, but it can’t see the cards to do anything with them ! Am I going to have just admit that they’ve died ?! :frowning: If so, I know how I’ve killed them… Using my Nikon D5000 I was videoing and didn’t press the stop button but turned the camera off… ! Any suggestion as to how to resurrect them before I throw them away, very gratefully received…

IO error in that many devices will pretty ensure the cards are bad. you probably actually did kill the cards. if the cards are in write mode (which they would be when your shooting video) and the card looses power (or turning the camera off) then it can corrupt all the data on the card or kill the card. i would suggest avoiding power loss while writing to the cards. 

This may be the case in this situation but not always the case.

I have the same problem but my pics are still on the card and can be viewed in the original device.