Loading Audio Files to Sansa Fuze

I copied 20 Rosetta Stone audio CDs to my hard drive.  I want to put them on my Fuze.  I dragged and dropped them to the exterior 16g card.  They show up transferred on my computer but the card shows empty.  I tired putting 1 file of 500,000 mg on the interior drive.  It does the same thing.  I formatted the card - no change.  Do I need to convert the files to MP3 or what???

Need some help.


I’m assuming your CDs are typical audio CDs and not MP3 CDs.  The terminology is “ripping” and you need to rip the CDs to MP3 format before transferring them to the player. 

Search here, or the internet at large, and you should find plenty of information on ripping CDs to MP3.  You probably already have Windows Media Player or some software capable of doing this.