Lanyard/Cap on the Express

Hi, all-

I’m thinking about buying an Express and was surprised when looking at the photos to see the lanyard attaches to the cap and not the device itself.

This looks like a weakspot to me: you could end up with a nice cap on a lanyard around your neck and a missing MP3 player.

How secure is that cap?  What is the catch like?  Is it likely the darned thing will pop off and disappear?


It’s pretty tight. It won’t come off unless you swing it REALLY hard. The USB cap clamps onto the two holes on the top and bottom of the usb to secure it.

It is very secure, I don’t think it would come off even with a hard swing, since the prongs holding it on attach on both sides and are metal, and the device itself is light.  I occasionally just let it dangle at the end of my headphone cord.

The cap actually snaps on VERY tightly.  It takes a fair amount of force to pop it off.  As for why they did it this way, I think that for those using it as a thumb-drive this allows them to carry it around their neck then just disconnect the Sansa Express to plug into a computer without having to constantly remove the strap from around their neck.