Sansa Connect Lanyard

I have my Sansa Connect up and running and all is working well. My only problem is figuring out how to attach the lanyard. I see 2 holes on the top but can’t get anything to feed thru them. Is there a trick. I couldn’t find any documentation. Thanx

The hole on top are for the lanyard. But there is a 90 degree angle that doesn’t help to feed the lanyard through easily. Best advice is keep trying and use a small paper clip or wire to hook the lanyard and pull through.

I still cannot get the lanyard through the hole.  I have tried everything.  This is the only annoying thing on an otherwise nice piece of equipment.  I submitted a Support Request…I wonder what suggestions they will have.

I connected mine yesterday, no problem.

Do you have a thin, 2-3 in. threadlike piece at the ends of the lanyard? I did. That is what fits through the 2 holes.

do you have to cut the lanyard or something?

No cutting.

You have to put the thin “thread” end through the small holes, & draw it through about 1/2 inch. Then put the thicker part through the thin thread. That closes the loop. 

I spent lots of wasted time before I figured out there some molded plastic in there that needs to be cleaned out.
Just use a tiny screwdriver or similar and gently but firmly :wink: push it in and out of both sides.

Then I used a staple from a small stapler. Bent one end over flat with the lanyard looped through  and pushed the other end  through the  holes on the Connect!

i keep trying to pull the plastic out with a paper clip, but it doesnt work

I had the same problem, it seemed that when it was made, the piece of plastic was not cut inside the hole, so I used a paper clip to break it and then fished it through. If you still can’t get it to come out of the other end, use a safety pin or something on the outer end to pull it through.

I haven’t seen any Connects that needed to break a piece of plastic in the hole. Doesn’t mean there aren’t some. But check carefully before you try to break something that might not be there.

Problem is the lanyard hole has a hard 90degree to it. You definitely need to use a small paper clip or pin to get the lanyard and pull it through the hole.

No matter how hard i try, i still cant get the plastic out:angry:
I’ve used paper clips, staples, even a pen and nothing works

I had to use a pin, and I swear I spent 30 minutes trying to do it.
Try pushing it through with a pin on one side, and retrieving it with another pin

If nothing else works, buy or borrow a needle threader and a piece of thread.  A threader is cheap and anybody who sews will probably have one.  The needle threader has a flexible metal loop on it with a pointed end that will go through the place where the lanyard connects because it will bend the necessary angle.  Put it through the holes, put a piece of thread through the loop end, then pull the threader out leaving a length of thread in the holes, sticking out a maybe 6 inches each end.  Now tie one end of the thread around the thin loop on the lanyard and use the thread to pull it through.  Then loop it around the thicker end of the lanyard and carefully snip the thread off.  Voila.

I got my sansa connect recently and I used a twist tie from a loaf of bread to thread the lanyard through. I stripped about a half inch of the plastic off the twist tie and it went through no problem, then hooked it to the lanyard and pulled through easily.

I tried that and it stripped off the cording on the end of the lanyard “threading” end … so I now have “raw” nylon thread through which is looped the corded end.  I sure hope it’s strong enough to hold up!  (I also had to “punch” out something that was blocking the hole.)