Keyboard does not work in firmware updater

I am trying to do the firmware upgrade and once the updater finishes loading I cannot use my keyboard. I have a logitech wireless (usb) illuminated keyboard. I do not have a spare keyboard or an optical drive.  PLEASE FIX THIS!!

Do you have all USB legay modes activated in the BIOS?

Yes, and I am using the Asus p8Z77-V LK (EFI)

It looks like the Linux kernal does not have drivers for wireless keyboards. Unfortunately you will have to use a USB or P/S2 keyboard. 

Will the drivers be added in the next release of the tool?

My USB keyboard initially works as system starts up (able to scroll menu to specify boot drive), but was dead in the water after the system booted from the USB flash drive containing the firmware updater. As already mentioned, a PS/2 keyboard works to navigate the onscreen menu prompts in the updater. I was lucky to have a PS/2 keyboard laying around. Using the flash drive updater, the firmware was successfully updated to R201 after Windows 7 restarted.