keyboard problems

Keyboard is wireless logitech and i plugged the usb tongle into every usb port and it won’t work. I don’t have an optical drive or another keyboard. Please help.

Is this when trying to perform a firmware upgrade on the Sandisk Extreme drive?

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I am having the same problems. Yes – we are trying to do the firmware upgrade. I have a logitech wireless (usb) illuminated keyboard. I do not have a spare keyboard or an optical drive. 

Assuming you are using the boot cd to start up and do the firmware upgrade? If so, you will need to use a keyboard attached directly to the computer and not a wireless model as the drivers required would not be loaded & initiated for the wireless keyboard to operate.

As I said before I do not own another keyboard and do not own a optical disk drive. I am using the USB method. Why does my keyboard work in the bios but not in your menu? The drivers are not required in the bios.

I’m not affiliated with Sandisk, just another user like yourself. If the keyboard works in the BIOS then it just means that it includes generic support for that USB device. The Sandisk boot cd is designed to boot a number of various platforms without knowing which hardware is included or attached to that hardware. It runs separately from the BIOS so you can’t assume it will support your hardware. The BIOS is designed to work with the core hardware in your system.