just setting up clip...first time mp3 user...best sites to download music and on firmware updates?

 just setting up my new clip…am a first time mp3 user…

well as we speak i’ve got my new clip attached to my netbook’s usb port to get the battery charged after 3 hrs

1–should i first update the firmware?  or just go to a site and start downloading songs?

2–any good sites for song downloading that you can recommend? I love rock and jazz and even the local small venued stuff on cbc fm radio here in canada (has some really good tracks off the beaten path with smaller local artists)

You don’t have to update the firmware, but it’s always nice to, to get bug fixes and improvements.  Easiest way here:  see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top pf the Clip forum.

An interesting site for free and legit. downloads:   http://freealbums.blogsome.com/album-directory-a-z/.

And welcome!  The Clip is a great and handy little player, with nice sound–

thanks…also i am a big fan of george winston (an amazing ‘new age’ pianist whose music takes you away to another realm…check him out…anyway his website allows his music to be downloaded by itunes…is there some conversion software i need for such?

Good choice!  I haven’t listened to George Winston’s music in awhile but always enjoyed it.  And your post just reminded me not to forget about him!  I’ve also given a great many of his CDs away as gifts.

As to the download, just remember that the Clip does not support the aac format (the default iTunes format).  So just be sure to obtain the music in a format the Clip supports (such as mp3) or to export the tunes from iTunes in a Clip-supported format, which iTunes will do.