iXpand USB3 not recognised on WIndows 10 PC

Just received by iXpand USB 3 and installed the app on iphone and ipad

However it insnt recognised by my WIndows 10 PC.

What format is used on the drive - FAT32, NTFS?

WIll I have to reformat it to use and if so how do I get the pre-installed files from it?

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if you have 64GB or less it is FAT32, if you have the 128GB it will be exFAT. Both file systems are supported by windows 10 so no reformatting should be necessary. 

Does the drive show in device manager? Are there any errors? How about disk management? check there for a drive letter conflict. if you can post screen shots of these things it will help. 

Also have you tried it with any other computer?