iXpand: Overwriting issue when copying files

I’ve being trying to transfer a few files to the flash drive, but haven’t figured out why tha App copies all files using the same file name “GPTempDownload-photo-full.jpg”. So, no matter how many files you select to transfer, it basically overwrites the file copied before, and you end up with only 1 file.

Has anyone had the same issue? Why does this happen or how to fix it?


the iXpand app does not change the file name. The default name iOS uses would be IMG_XXXX.jpg.

What photo editing app or camera app are you using? It seems whatever you are using to edit or take the photos is saving the multiple files with the same file name. 

iOS will allow multiple files with the same name. The file system on the iXpand (exFAT or FAT32) does not support multiple files with the same file name. If this is the case you would need to rename the files to with unique names before you transfer them.

To test this take a few test pictures using the default camera app on the iOS device. Then use the iXpand drive app to transfer those photos. They all should transfer with the name formatted IMG_XXXX.jpg where XXXX will be the sequential number the photo was taken. 

You are totally right! I ran some tests, and for every app I used to edit a given photo, one new file was created (even though we are able to see only as one single file). And then that causes the iXpand App to get confused.

I transfered non edited photos from my iphone to the flash drive with no problem. Those ones edited in Photos or Snapseed had that overwriting problem.

thanks for your help drlucky!!

I just tested editing files with the native photos app. the edited photo and the original are transferred. It seems that snapseed if what is causing the issue. If you can rename those pictures they should transfer as well.