iXpand only copies thumbnails from iPhone

When I copy photos from my camera roll on my iPhone 6 Plus, it appears to only be able to copy as a thumbnail as the file sizes are incredibly small. This is apparent when opening these copied files as they become pixelated when zoomed in the slightest bit.

if you copy the files to the computer from the iPhone what is the resolution? then copy the file to the iXpand and then connect the iXpand to the computer and what is the resolution of the file there? post the results and if it is different please post a link to the sample file so we can test on our side. 

Also what is the FW and app verison of the iXpand drive and iXpand app you are using?

I emailed a photo to my Outlook email on my PC from my iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8.4. When I selected the size to email I chose full size at what my iPhone says is 2.6 MB. The file that arrived was 1.31 MB. The same file was copied to the ixpand with Software version 1.1.5 and firmware version 4.4.0. it came over on my PC as 164 KB. When I connect the ixpand to my Mac the file is 169 KB. Here is a link to the files I imported on my Mac: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2mxvfuo2ixl56t5/FullSizeRender%20IMG_6023.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/a13kk2ms7ue072x/IMG_6023.JPG?dl=0

interesting. I have an iPhone 5s and I am not seeing any file size change. Maybe it could be related to the 6+ only? 

Does this happen with all the pics from the 6+? 

Do you have access to any other iOS device to see if the issue also occurs there? 

I used my ipad with iOS 8.4 and ixpand 1.1.5 and copied a 4.7 MB photo and then emailed that same photo it came to my Mac email client as 407 KB. Here are links to the files:



I am finding this ixpand drive less and less useful. The idea was to be able to use my iPhone as a camera and the ixpand would be the transportation system to my latptops/desktops. I am thinking I will take it back to the store.

When using the iPad, was the file size reduced when it was emailed or when it was copied to the iXpand drive? 

It was reduced when it was emailed. The ixpand copied the full size version.

Ok so it seems it is working for the ipad. this may be related to iPhone 6+ only. I will report this thread to sandisk support. 

How long is that going to take?

I had a reply from sandisk support from over the weekend. They tested this and are not seeing the same issue. the images are being transferried and the size or resolution is not being changed. were the pictures you are havinng the issue with taken with the iPhone 6+? or some other source? 

I have the same problem with picture size!

When I copy my iPhone photo directly via cable to PC, the photo size will stay as original 3264 x 2448, 2157 kt.

But when I use ixpand, the size of same photo is converted as follows: 852 x 640, 209 kt. Pictures are taken with iPhone 5S.

I bought my 32 Gb ixpand two weeks ago and feel very unsatisfied now as I can’t use ixpand as additional storage for my iPhone photos!!! What’s the problem or should I return my ixpand back to store as qualityless and non functional product?

My iPhone is 5S, so the problem is not connected to iPhone 6+ only.

ixpand App version is 1.1.9 and firmware 4.4.1.

iPhne 5S software is iOS 8.4 (12H143).

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It would be helpful to know how they tested and on what device just as they ask for these details when submitting a question.

Any updates? This is a real problem and it needs to be resolved. I paid a fair price for this device and it doesn’t work properly through no action on my part.

I take it there has been no progress on my problem.

I got a notice on my phone just today that there was a new update availble for the iExpand drive. The description doesn’t list this as a ‘fixed’ issue, but you might cross your fingers and check it out. :smiley:

Awesome tech support.