iXpand Flash Drive with firmware 4.4.7 and iPhone/iPad with iOS 9.2.

I have 5(!) iXpand Flash Drives (all updated with the lastest firmware 4.4.7) and have tried them on both iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.2. None of them are able to find the actual pictures or videos inside the folders on my iPhone/iPad, just the maps where the picture and video files are.

In addition - when trying to sync, manually or automatically, a “red stripe” appears and dissappears quickly on the top of the window, telling me there’s something not working.

Anyone else with the same issues?

are all of your pictures actually on the iOS device or are the picture actually stored on the cloud? this app can only backup pictures if they are stored on the iOS device. it does not communicate with the cloud. 

also if you can post some screen shots that may help us narrow down what may be going on. 


You’re right. When I downloaded the ORIGINAL pictures back to the iPhone/iPad, it was possible to sync the photos. Thanks!

However, when typing the “red cross” when I want to add MUSIC to the MUSIC folder, I end up in the same “window” where I may “Select & Add photos or videos to the Drive”, with the folders “Photos” and “Albums” in the bottom of this window. Any ideas what to do about this? Which “music app” on the Iphone/iPad devices should be possible to backup, if any?

iOS sandboxes the music so third party apps cant access it. To backup music you will have to sync with iTunes. Once the music is on the computer you can connect the iXpand to the computer and copy music to the iXpand drive. 

Okay. Thanks again.

For me, as a novice start using this system, I find it quite confusing finding a “red cross” under the folder MUSIC, when this “red cross” just lead you to a folder containing photos and videos, and not relatet to any music at all. In other words, I don’t feel it like “plug and play”, neither how to save/backup both photos, videos and music, and maybe a more detailed description of what are the terms to save/backup pictures, videos and music, could save other novices like me some time finding it out.

However, thanks to your help, at least I’m satisfied now, and look forward to start using the system. Thanks a lot again!