iXpand firmware 4.4.8 and folder names

I’ve noticed an odd thing on iXpand (4.4.8) and my iOS devices (iOS 9.2.1 and 9.3.1).

The iXpand app (version 1.6.1) on iOS will keep me from naming folders on iXpand anything with “illegal” characters – but while “.” isn’t blocked, and the iXpand app will let me create a folder with one (or two, or three) in its name, the app won’t allow me to actually copy any photos from my iOS device into a folder with “.” in its name (the app shows each photo’s transfer as being cancelled).

This is kind of a pain for me, since I like to create date-specific folders for backing up my photos, with “.” as the date separator – so April 1, 2016 is “2016.04.01”

Maybe in the next app update, this inconsistency can be fixed?  Either the app can keep me from accidentally using a “.” in my folder names, or else (my preference) it will allow me to copy photos into folders with “.” in their names?

this would likely be a low priority for a fix so you may not see a change anythime soon. I would just change to using - in the file name.