iXpand broken with only SD card left

Okay, so I was working on a video project and most of the files I was using for this video were on my flashdrive. It ended up breaking in half so that the drive’s motherboard no longer worked and the only thing salavageable was the micro SD card inside. I had to take apart the flashdrive to get the micro SD card, that way I could put it in an SD card reader and use a recovery program to get the files inside. The only issue is, every single recovery program I have used does not retrieve the files with their names and location, everything is just raw data, which isn’t helpful because the program also picks up the 1000+ files that have been on the drive previously and then deleted (the ones I don’t need).

There are lots of files in my video project and it’s hard to tell what goes where without the file names. The videos and photos aren’t gone for good, most of them are on other devices, but without the old file names I have no idea where they went in the video or which videos I was even going to use. It will take days and days of searching to get everything back to how it was, and even then, I might not be able to find all of the files I had. Is it in any way possible to put the SD card in another ixpand drive without dismantling it? Or is there any other alternative solution? This video I was working on is really important to me.

Thank you!