My ixpand is broken literally

My ixpand broke, the connector for my iphone is broken. When i put it in my bag while the drive is still stack in my phone it brokes. I put the usb on a laptop and the files are still there. But i cant open the said files.maybe bcoz of the broken connector? Is it posible to fix it or is it even posible to copy files? But how? Its not opening either on comp. Or laptop ???

since it is detected by the computer can you copy and paste the data off of it? If so see if the files will open once copied to the computer. If the files will not transfer they may have been damaged when the connector broke. This can happen if you were transferring files when the connector broke. If that is the case you would need to seek a company that provides data recovery services. 

Tnx for the reply. I finally found a laptop that i can open the files. I can copy aNd i can also save on said usb. But its so sad that i can’t use it anymore on my iphone :frowning: Is there anyways or shop that i can bring my ixpand to fix it? Or it isnt possible?

it is unlikely you can find someone that would fix it. maybe some place could resolder the connector on but they may cause more issues if not done correctly and would probably break again easily. best really to just buy another one. 

Ohh… Sad… Anyways tnx for the info ??? Appreciated

Hi there, My iXpand is broken, it broke into 2 pieces. One is the connector for iPhone and another one is body + usb port.
I’m too much worried about the data in my iXpand which has a hundred of files and photos. So I am curious that is it possible that all my data is still in ixpand and I can transfer data from broken ixpand to my macbook? Is anyone have been experienced with this problem, please let me know. thank you.

have you tried plugging it in to the computer? is it detected? if so you should be able to transfer the data to the computer. 

No, I didn’t plug in the laptop yet cuz I didn’t bring my laptop with me. Too much anxiety and wanna know the possibility to get the data and photos back ???. Thank you tho & I will follow your advice.

Hi… mine is broken too. and in my case. my laptop and iphone isn’t reafing it… is there a way i can save all the content of it.?

Hi there, My iXpand is broken, it broke into 2 pieces. One is the connector for iPhone and another one is body + usb port.

for whom it may concern;
I helped someone retrieve his files.
After dissection, the motherboard turned out to be broken by two, without anything noticeable on the outside.

but what turned out:

In the ixpand flash drive 3.0, there is a micro SD card hidden in the black plastic of the USB plug. I am not sure if you can get the micro SD card out without removing the metal shell. (maybe through the small holes on the side)

I had to use recovery software because the micro SD card was not readable. It turned out to be a damaged fat32 partition, and I was able to recover everything.

So the conclusion is: Do not use, the ixpand flash drive 3.0. the motherboard is way too thin, and the device too expensive. IOS on Fat32?

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Hi I managed to retrieve the Micro sd card which was inside the iXpand drive. Can you advise which recovery software you used to retrieve the data ? Thanks in advance 

I used my old licenced  ‘FILE RECOVERY for Windows’ back in the days from maxtor, now Seagate Recovery Services

Still expensive… But I needed it at the time back in 2007, to recover my broken maxtor…

Anny recovery soft that can work with Fat32 will work, I presume?

Thanks to Google, this may work?;

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Thanks a million

I have tried with the recovery software that was found on SanDisk side. Managed to retrieve the files. But the folders and file structures are not retrievable. And the file names have also been changed. It’s way much better than not having access at all. I have to open every single file and rename them. Nevertheless thanks to you for letting know there’s a micro sd inside.

I snapped my 128g iXpand flash drive in two unfortunately and thought I’d lost some important documents. A relative recommended that I buy a cheaper 16g refurbished one (£12) and swap the SD card from one to the other. It worked perfectly! The card slides out easily without dismantling the flash drive and is located right at the front of the metal USB housing.

How did you manage to slide the SD card out? I’ve had to dismantle it in order to get the card.