iTunes U courses on Fuze?!

Hello again.  I have a new problem :-\

Is there *any* way to get iTune U courses from iTunes onto a Fuze?  I tried downloading a course - the first time I tried this - and wasn’t even able to see it on iTunes, nor was I able to find it at all on my hardrive, and so couldn’t bring the file to SMC, because I don’t know where the file is, much less whether or not it would have worked.

Does someone here know?  Was the fact that I wasn’t even able to watch the video in iTunes (I downloaded iTunes specifically for this purpose today) and wasn’t able to find the file after a search for .m4v, an indication that the downloading went wrong, but otherwise I would have been able to find the file, convert it in SMC, and then watch it on my Fuze?  Or can that not be done at all?

Thanx in advance.

Well it sounds like it did not download. Try again. Then you will need to convert the m4v file to something like an avi file using something like any-video-converter. Then use SMC to add it to the fuze.

Thanks. I’ll give it another go.  I wish iTunes would just make it so that their tracks weren’t exclusively for iPods (or that universities would offer more generic format alternatives on a similar site), {sigh}.

This might be a stupid question, but I downloaded Any Video Converter - how do you select what output format you want (.avi in this case)? 

The video works! (and iTunes was in .mp4 format - the website I looked at for advice said .m4v)  The output can be changed using the ‘Profile:’ pulldown menu on the upper right.