itunes downloads

i downloaded a movie and two tv shows can someone tell me how to get these videos on my device

Well the Million Dollar Question is that of Digital Rights management. Were you able to get files that are not DRM (you probably paid a littl more)? If you were this lucky all you have to do is Download Sansa Media Converter (its on the FAQ page), Click Add Media, find the file and click open, then cllick convert, you need to have your fuze plugged in for it to work.

I don’t think there’s any video on iTunes that’s DRM-free. It’ll only work on an iPod (that’s what iTunes is for).

I know that Daniusoft Media Converter Pro works with DRM-protected songs from iTunes, and it says it works with M4V (which I suppose is video). Its $40, though.

can you burn it on to a dvd and use dvdfab