Is there alphabet browsing on Fuze+

On the clip zip if you double pressthe center key you can do a faster browse in which it skips all with the same first letter. Like this feature. Noticed the Fuze+ has a similar interface and that when scrolling the letter comes up. Wondering if it works the same way that if on the Fuze+ if you double tap the center key you can browse by letter in the same manner. Since it uses this touchpad this would make it easier to sort through a long list.

Missed this post a few months back. Alphabet browsing started with the Fuze+, then was implemented on the Clip Zip, using the “mini” GUI adapted from the Fuze+.

The touchpad requires a bit of careful dexterity, but alphabet browsing is nice on the Fuze+.

Bob  :wink:

Thanks. I wish you had written sooner as I purchased another Clip Zip for myself. This would mitigate some of the issue with browsing using the touchpad. Is it like with the clip zip. You have 2 quick taps in the center.

I don’t know why it isn’t advertised since it is for the clip zip. Overall I like the new UI with the back button and the menu is a long prees although at first it takes getting use to as it is different then their past players.

One other question now. How about for forward and rewind.Does it work like with the clip series where it starts rewinding slow and then picks up if you continue to hold it down. 

I generally use my player for podcats and the sansa has good features for this.Remembering you place and the fact it is quick to get to another part of the podcast of a 60 minute podcast if you have to . 

I have read that the Fuze+ unlike their other player if you play a podcast in fast in adjusts the pitch as well not just the speed which is another feature I like.