Is there a way to fill in paint scrapes?

I dropped my sansa and part of the paint on the corners chipped off. Is there a special filler I can get that will fill these scrape offs back in?

If you are talking about the back panel corners then it is not paint but a kind of thin film low quality rubber coating. After half a year of carefull treatment my Fuze has plenty of little wholes in the black surface, the rubber roung the switch is off. The number on the backside plate has also gone - just by keeping it in my palm I managed to erase its serial. So the bond of that film is poor, be careful using any filler, it might take off the rest of the coating.

The Fuze is pretty to look at, and mine is silver.  Rather than worry about scratches, just get one of the matching rubberized covers, and you’ll have all the grip and no slip you want.  They come in all the Fuze colors also, and do not add much bulk to the unit.  They are readily available on Ebay or Amazon.

@Challenger, I guess your idea is much more sound. Any filler would only spoil the surface. SanDisk actually ought to supply some rubber pocket having in mind low scratch resistance of the Fuze, but it is obviously extra money for them…