Is there a way to charge on usb & listen?

Is there a way to charge on usb & listen to it? I bought it to mount on my motorcycle, haven’t opened it yet (Christmas present), was thinking battery life didn’t matter because I have a usb charger on the bike I can leave it plugged in. If not, is there any way to charge & play at the same time? May have to return it…Thanks

I use mine at work and use an AC USB charger to power the unit. Your bike USB charger should work fine.

However if you plug the unit into a computer you CANNOT listen to music/the radio etc.

Non-computer USB charging also allows playing at the same time.  On your computer, you can use a non-data USB cable to charge and play, or otherwise block or not attach the regular USB cable’s data pins.

Plug half-way the usb cable and you are good to go :slight_smile:

There are two sets of pins in the cable. One is for charging, one is for data. The charging ones are a little longer. Hence the suggestion to plug it in partway. 

But I suspect your USB charger doesn’t have data pins at all, so you should be fine.