Is there a maximum memory GB that scandisk card readers can read?

I have this:
SanDisk Ultra® microSDHC™/microSDXC™ UHS-I Card 32GB version

I am wondering is there some card readers that have a limit on how big a card is that can be read?

The card reader in question is in my car, a nissan lafesta 2012. So I insert the micro card into an SD card adapter(bigger version) to insert it into SD slot. But it is very internittant on working. Sometimes it works and some times it does not Mostly it does not. But the fact that I have seen it work makes me think it is a faulty SD card.

Can anyone advise?


yes there is a limitation with the readers and which cards they can support and detect. some readers can read SDHC cards and not SDXC that means cards up to 32GB. so you have to make sure that your reader is compatible with the Micro SD format that you want to use with it.

here you can find more information about the formats of the cards

the fact that i had a 32GB micro sd card working, think it was a HC, even though intermittantly, and using an adapter(bigger card) leads me to beieve that it supports SDHC cards.

So I will just try another SDHC card and see how I go. Otherwise it could also be a faulty Adapter card or something else.

I would like to know if it would supports SDXC, but there is no way i can think of doing this as it is a car stereo in the car. Don’t think it would have a compatibility label on the car stereo if I did actually try and remove it. Another option is to try and find the settings via the menu, but not sure if that would be possible?

will see how I go!! tks