Is SanDisk Extreme PRO SSD an unreliable product?

I was once much delighted to have bought the Extreme PRO SSD 128g as this tiny USB-like SSD is too convenient to use and to carry it elsewhere. However, only two weeks later, I am soon very disappointed after having a fatal error of the SSD without any mishandling of mine. It just happened all at a sudden when I was transferring files from the other drive to the SSD. I have been trying many many times to restore it but in vain. The Windows10 and its Disk Management module recognize it at last, but there is no way to format it, and even the EA US Partition Master or the AOME Partition Assistant cannot help.

i have discarded the packing of the SSD and also the sales memo from the vendor. I have no idea if SanDISK still allow the warranty though it is certain within the period. Please!! I would be very appreciated if the Sandisk engineers could help.

Code in the SSD-MSIP-REM-WDT-SDCZ880

Hi @Kuchak,

Please follow the link below to format your drive in the FAT32 file system with help of PC:-

NOTE: Formatting erases all the data saved in the drive.

If the issue persists, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I hope you didn’t need to make a warranty claim. I completely lack confidence in this company and any and all of the claims that it makes…

Thanks for your sharing. I cannot make a claim for the defective SSD as I have discarded the packing materials and the sales invoice. SanDisk did not offer help in their direct reply to me. Businessmen are businessmen. Don’t expect to get blood out of a stone!

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Spot on. I WILL NEVER Buy another Scandisk product. My vault was upgraded to Secureaccss with 1 click and I didn’t want that. NOW LOST ALL DATA from my Drive. trying to get help is IMPOSSIBLE with Scandisk.
F YOU forever Scandisk.

Always buy electronics online or with credit card so you’d have a record for warranty.

You don’t need packaging, all serial numbers are on the drive these days.