Is my new Fuze OK?

I just gut a Fuze, but I`m not really sure, if it’s OK.

The first thing I noticed was the screen, I already had an e250, the colors looked much brighter and “colorful” there, unfortunately I don’t have it here right now to compare them side by side.

The second thing is the noise the buttons make, only the bottom one is quiet when pressed, the other ones, especially the center one make a really annoying sound.

Do I have to live with it or should I get it replaced?

I’m not sure if yours is any different than mine, but I think the buttons do make a louder click than on the e250 (I had an e280, same thing). It doesn’t bother me though, I kind of like it, they feel more solid and longer lasting.

Have you tried adjusting the brighness of the display? Also there’s a setting for choosing different colors, there are actually three different shades of blue (!) to choose from, and a couple of other colors, one of blues is very saturated, that might be the  one you like best.

Overall I think the Fuze is a big improvement over the e200’s. Horizontal screen orientation, sound quality, and wheel control are all big improvements to me, in addition to all the improvements in software.   

Especially if you coming from a v1 e200, the Fuze is a welcome surprise.

The first thing youl noticed is correct, the display is softer, and the graphics of the main menu look wimpy, despite their cute animations.  The softness is due to the anti-scratch coating of the face plastic, as well as the color shift.

You can adjust the brightness up a tad to match what you’ve been used to with the e200.

The scroll wheel uses five individual button switches that have a firmer feel than the e200, and they do clunk in comparison.  The Clip also has these.  They are indeed louder than the e200.

The biggest difference in the scroll wheel is its integration into the round 4-point button via spinning the wheel.  It has a soft feel, since there is no wiper contact as on the e200.  This is accomlpished using a magnetic sensor.  You’ll get used to its quirkiness, and the Fuze’s habit of ignoring the initial movement of the wheel occasionally.  Since it doesn’t have the fine increments of the e200 contact wheel, to scroll requires “winding her up”.

The wraparound scroll of the e200 will be finding its way to the Fuze in the near future.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: