Is it REALLY that bad and memory expansion question

Hello ! I can purchase a 4gb Fuze + and add a 32 gb card, right ? I thought so but then saw a video on YouTube where the guy said “up to 16 gb”.

Also - is this player REALLY that bad ? It seems like people either love it or hate it… some newer reviews seem to say that with firmware updates it’s now fine. But it’s all just extremely confusing with the conflicting sentiments…

The Fuze+ is compatible with microSDHC up to the full 32GB.

As a player, the Fuze Plus is a decent machine, with a different processor compared against the Clip+ and Clip Zip;it uses the Freescale device. As such, it does function a little differently.

i really like its unique features. It’s awesome for photos and video, as it displays images and video with a minimum of fuss. For podcasts and audiobooks, I really like its variable speed playback- it corrects for pitch, a feature the others don’t have.

The biggest difference is its tiny Synaptics touchpad, the source of most user difficulty, especially if using the player on the go, since you can’t operate the control without looking at the player. The volume control does use dedicated buttons, however.

The device does take a bit longer to refresh its music database, so if you are planning on storing a very large collection, especially with 32GB cards available, this may be an issue. The Fuze+ handles the music file database differently than its sister players do.

Overall, it is a really nice player, and its sound is very clean indeed, on par with the Clip models for sure.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for your help and sharing your opinion ! :slight_smile:

I’m not too fussed about having to look at the player to navigate. I admit it’d be cool if it were at least backlit, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

I probably won’t even go as high as 32 gb but wanted to make certain I *could* if need be. I just wanna be sure I’ll have enough space for my music library (which right now is around 4 gb) and whatever videos I wanna put on there too.  I’m thinking now that 16 gb would probably be fine and dandy.