Looking at buying a new Fuze+ 16gb with 32gb external card

Hi to all

I am looking at buying a Fuze+ 16gb plus an external 32gb card to increase overall capacity. I am purely wanting this  mp3 player for music capacity and  I am wondering, by using a 32gb external card will the player slow down excessively interms of  start up time?

Are there  any other issues I need to be aware if I go for this setup?

Many thanks in advance.


I’ve been using the 16 gig with a 32 gig card. After updating to the 2.38.06 firmware, other than minute or so it takes to boot up I don’t have any problems that I can see.

My stats at the moment read:

Internal Free: 537 mb

Card Free: 709 mb

Songs: 12213

Videos: 4

Photos: 1

Run, don’t walk from the Fuze+.

I got mine for Fathers Day and it’s horrible.

My old Fuze work flawlessly. The Fuze+ has horrible controls, horrible user interface, and constantly locks up.

This is the worst mp3 player I’ve ever owned.

Almost exclusively, “locking up” is caused by a specific music file that has an error in compression or a glitch in transfer, or  bad metadata.  The metadata is two part: there us the ID3 tag , and the embedded album art.  The album art should be a basic jpg / jpeg 300 x 300 image, roughly.

If you use WIndows Media Player , the correct settings are automatic.  Otherwise, you can use mp3Tag , a free utility, to embed the correct data automatically.  Once this is correct, freeze-ups are a thing of the past.  If you purchase music from a source like Rhapsody, the metadata and format are correct.  eMusic, Amazon, and even iTunes tracks (exported as mp3 format or even DRM-free AAC) will play flawlessly on the Fuze+.

WIth mp3tag, all you need do is set it to write the output format to ID3v2.3 ISO8859-1 (Latin-I) format.

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“Run, don’t walk from the Fuze+.”


Well we’ve been a lot here complaining for a while because of the buggy firmware…

At least one must admit that the biggest problem are behind us. Sandisk needed a lot of time before solving those issue but for now it’s done. (althrought there are still some for audiobooks.)