Is it possible to transfer iTunes movies to Sandisk Micro SD card for playback?

Anyone have any ides about how to transfer iTunes movies to Sandisck Micro SD Card for Playbck? I really appreciate if someone can show me the detailed steps. 

I am afraid it can’t be transferred directly, you can use an iTunes video converter to help you remove DRM, then there won’t be any problems and you can play the iTunes movies freely as you want.

The itunes movie can only playback with iTunes program or APPle devices. If you want to play on other devices, you’d better to remove the DRM restriction from the iTunes movie. You could view more about this iTunes movie DRM tool to get more info. More about DRM protection please refer

The iTunes is a powerful application that enable Apple users to store files, play music and manage the device. You can follow the steps below to transfer movies from the iTunes to computer.

Firstly, connect the iPhone to computer with the USB cable and then start the iTunes on your computer. Just hit the “Edit > Reference … > Advanced” option.

Secondly, click the “Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library” button and then when you sync the files from iOS device to the iTunes library, the media files will be automatically saved in the folder.

Then you could sync the movies from computer to Sandisck Micro SD Card.

As one of the finest ways to interface between iTunes and Sandisk Micro SD card , Double Twist software is able to connect with its desktop counterpart to sync your movies over USB just like iTunes. In using this app, you need to make sure that both devices must be connected to the same local area network (LAN) for AirSync to work. Now, after downloading this application, follow the below step-by-step guide to transfer iTunes music to Sandisk Micro SD card:

> Install and run the DoubleTwist app on your system.

> Click on Library and then import iTunes playlists to your iTunes library.

> Get Android device connected to the computer using a USB cable.

> Drag the playlist to your Sandisk Micro SD card in Android phone in the “Devices” panel and start the file syncing process. Finally, just wait for the process to get completed within a little while. And then you will have access to iTunes music Sandisk Micro SD card on Android phone.

I don’t think it is will work, as there might be an incompatibility issue. 

As far as I know, iTunes movies are protected by copyright technology, which allows users to watch them on Apple devices only. Moreover, users cannot share them to others, although they’ve have purchased the contents.

However, there is also possiblity to transfer iTunes movies to Sandisk Micro SD card for playback, as long as you have a professional iTunes M4V Converter. It will help you remove restrictions and convert iTunes M4V videos to universal MP4 or other formats in a few steps. Just launch the program and import iTunes movies, choose the output format and start converting. After that, you can make better use of iTunes movies without any restrictions, such as moving them to Sandisk Micro SD card. 

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