Is 64 kbps wma file as good as 128 kbps mp3?

Hi folks. If this holds, wouldn’t it make sense to use 64 kbps wma files? You can load twice as many files into express. If you convert 128 kbps mp3 into 64 kbps wma, do you lose some quality? i am hearing that conversions affect the sound quality. Maybe ripping cd’s and creating 64 kbps wma’s is the way to go. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hello Stepk,

Some people cannot tell the difference of audio quality thats 64, 128, 196 WMA and same for 128, 196, 320 MP3’s.    I personally, can tell the differences of everything lower than 320.  At 320 and higher it all sounds the same to me, so 320 is the lowest “Acceptable” bitrate for me and my stubborn needs :smileyvery-happy:

I can only suggest listening to a CD ripped at 64 and then rip the same CD at 128 and see if you can tell.  If you cant, the lower is better :smiley:

There is a noticable difference bwtween 64k WMA and 128k mp3. 64k wma is worse in quality but only by a slight margin. If you don’t care, than 64k wma will work. Also the bitrate depends on what type of music genre the file is and where it came from (your source).

IE: 64k mp3 is the original file. If you convert it to a 64k wma, the sound quality is exponentially lost. There’s no point in converting.
     96k mp3 —> 64k wma, same concept. Converting 96k mp3 to 64k wma will result in a 64k mp3 sounding file. Better to keep the 96k mp3 as it is.
      Techno music generally sound almost the same in wma 64k-96k. Techno music don’t need high bitrates in general.
      Classical music need to be high if you are into relaxation, hearing the crescendos and descendos, subtle lines and melodies.
      Music with lots of lines, instruments and etc generally need a higher bitrate.

So my advice:
Rip music from original CDs. That’ll guarantee a higher quality music file.
Do not convert to 64k wma if you have an issue of sound quality.
Do not convert music to lower bitrates if they are already 128k or lower

The average person uses 96-128k mp3 or 64-96k wma.
Most audiophiles use higher than 192k mp3/wma/aac

I personally use Flac but I converted everything to 320k wma.

Hope this helps

oh and btw. Your headphones have to be somewhat decent ($20-40) to hear some difference in sound quality.
I recommend the Philips canalphones if you like deep powerful bass
or Sony Fonotopias
or JVC Marshmellows.

These headphones are called canalphones b/c they are inserted into your ear. The most comfortable is the JVC.

Thanks for the reply. I did some research at Internet. Pretty much most people agree with what you are saying. I am currently converting about 8000 aac files into mp3 files. I decided to keep bit rate 160 instead of 128. I thought there would be some quality issue.
The biggest problem I am having with earbuds is they don’t stay in my ears when I run on treadmill. I bought Philips brand earbuds that have extensions that go beyond the ears. They are confortable and sound pretty good.

No problem. Happy listening ^^