WMA files sorting separately from mp3 files within an album?

This is so annoying. Can this be fixed in a future firmware update, so that they are integrated and sort properly?

No, just sort it out yourself.  Theres no logical reason to mix MP3 and WMA files within the same album.

Besides, you guy s want gapless playback right?  Heep the codec the same within the album for this to be possible.

"No, just sort it out yourself. Theres no logical reason to mix MP3 and WMA files within the same album. "

I disagree. The podcasts may be that way, and I may not want to go through the step of converting them.

Editing tags, converting formats, etc. are extra steps that can be done, but for convenience I often want to avoid them. For lower bitrate voice recordings(under 64 kbps), WMA sounds better than mp3 at the same bitrate. I may decide to convert 128 kbps or 64 kbps mp3 spoken word files to 32 kbps WMA to save space, but decide to keep the 32 kbps or lower bitrate mp3 files as is, to avoid sound quality loss from recompression,  to avoid as much as possible keeping multiple versions of a file(the 128 kbps mp3 voice files might still be kept on the pc even if I made 32 kbps WMA versions, since I might later want to make a 32 kbps or 16 kbps mp3 version which would be much better from the 128 kbps files), and to  saves battery life on the player compared to wma. Some mp3 player makers assume that people only listen to music and never to spoken word files, and never want to play files that are below 32 kbps. At least my Fuze has played every mp3 and wma file I tried playing on it, including 16 kbps mp3 files and 12 kbps wma files. 

Music albums are much more consistant than podcasts in the use of the same format, bitrate, and album tag throught all tracks. Not so for podcasts, which tend to at times have variations in these. One might also decide to combine different podcast series within a single album so they sort together. Having folder navigation and the use of subfolders is a powerful tool for this.

I was not one of the people asking for gapless playback. I realize the difficulties in providing gapless playback.

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