Ipad 4 and iexpandable 64gb flash drive

I purchased an ixpandable 64gb flash drive for my IPAD, but can’t get it set up. Do I need to install some software on my IPAD?



Hard to say Bob.


as far as i can understand you own the ixpand drive and want to know if you need to install the ixpand sync in order to use it with your ipad.

i would like to inform you that you need the app in order to use the ixpand with the ipad because without it you cannot access it normally.


I don’t know what the name of the app is; and where I where I would get it.

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@robogon wrote:


I don’t know what the name of the app is; and where I where I would get it.


Go to the App Store on your iPad and search for SanDisk iExpand.

Thank you. I went to Apple Store site, but all they offered me was an apple version of the flash drive, not the app I need.

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Not the “Apple” store, but the “App” Store. You access it from your iPhone or iPad. There is only one; it’s called SanDisk iExpand Sync.

You did buy the SanDisk iExpand flash drive, didn’t you?

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All i get for clicking the link is “Invalid Parameters.”

I just downloaded and installed the SanDisk iXpand Sync on my iPad and all I get is a “Firmware Update In Progress” with a never ending series of dots rotating.