Introducing the SanDisk Memory Vault

Remember those first steps, birthdays, weddings, family reunions, graduations, and moments with best friends? The past has been filled with some of the best memories of our lives; some we can easily recall and others seem to elude us with time. SanDisk has created the SanDisk® Memory Vault to ensure your photos and videos last for generations*. Preserve your life’s most cherished moments with the SanDisk Memory Vault.


•Long-term solution for the memories worth preserving for generations*

•Protects the quality of photos and videos•Tested to support data retention for up to 100 years*

•Create your own memory museum to preserve your special moments

•Designed for long-term reliability and durability

Minimum System Requirements

•Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 and Mac OS® X v10.4.11 or above

•USB 2.0 high-speed connector

Package Contents

•SanDisk® Memory Vault

•USB 2.0 transfer cable

•Quick start guide

•Writable labels

•Storage pouch


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Is there a way to sort files protected within the Memory Vault by date or alphabetically by file name>  Mouse-clicking on the Name or Date of the files in the Memory Vault does not re-sort.   It can be difficult to find a file amongst many files stored in the Memory Vault.>

Try creating folders first. That seems to work for me

I do have folders.  It’s the many files within a folder I would like to be able to sort.

I have the same problem. I would like to search many files in the vault for specific related topic like photos of “Grampa”.

I cannot even find a search button.

Help Tom

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Perhaps this could be a feature being considered in the future. I’m just confused on why the memory vault files last longer than a file stored outside of it?

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