Cannot trust memory vault to have stored my files

I have been a happy customer of SanDisk for more than five years, with many SDcards and a 64GB SanDisk Ultra Backup usb drive.

However, I recently bought a 32GB Cruzer Switch usb drive with secure access/memory vault, and my opinion of Sandisk has plummeted.

I have a couple of external HDDs to back up my data, but i particularly wanted solid state storage to keep my most important files safe, so i bought a couple of SanDisk 32GB SD cards (without password protection) on which i’m storing my less sensitive data, and the 32GB Cruzer switch for my more sensitive data, with the intention of buying a second to mirror the first, as with the SD cards.


I was disappointed with the user interface in ways that seem to be well documented in this forum. And i was rather dismayed by how painfully slow the data transfer was, (again, well documented), but I thought “I can still use this, with a little self-discipline i can back up this data once a week, maybe even daily, overnight…  I’ll figure something out”


Today, I tried to add (copy/paste) a folder to another folder already stored in my ‘vault’, and then decided to try to move the contents (a few jpegs) from the sub-folder to the containing folder within the vault. I was already anticipating that this might not be childsplay because I’d already noticed how crappy the user interface was. I had not, however, anticipated that none of the files in the folder had ever made it into the vault. And nor had any of the files in the original folder. And nor had three of the twelve loose files in the folder above that.

I tried, multiple times and by all methods offered to add these jpegs to the vault, at all different levels, all failed.But more importantly, with each attempt, file transfer appeared to have completed successfully, until i checked… I even wondered whether the files were actually in the vault, but invisible - but copy/pasting the folders from the vault back to my desktop indicates not.

In summary, I can have no confidence , short of checking every single file manually (the interface won’t even allow me to check file properties (like file count) of folders in the vault) that my files are stored in Memory Vault


Best possible  solution - SanDisk releases software tomorrow that at the very least tells you when file transfers have been unsuccessful, but ideally software that will store all your data, with a decent user interface.

As it is, I’m finding my receipt and returning my usb drive for a refund, researching better storage providers, and warning all my friends

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