In the absence of folder browsing, let's improve tag-based browsing!


I have a 4Gb clip and I’m very proud of it. It’s a great product!.

I’m *almost* on the side of people who would like to see folder browsing in this device (and probably in other Sansa players). But I say almost because all that I really miss could be obtained if the tag-based browsing is improved in two ways:

* Better handling of compilation albums. My strong suggestion is to add support for the ‘album artist’ tag, already used in Windows Media Player and Winamp.

* Smarter ‘Genre’ browsing. After selecting a genre, it would be nice to be able to see a list of albums corresponding to that genre instead of (or in addition to) the artists list.


Yeah it could be improved a lot.

  1. Instead of looking like “Now Playing:Atist-Song”, there should be spaces so it looks like “Now Playing: Artist - Song” .

  2. Bigger album art when playing a song(besides the view option), and the “Now Playing: Artist - Song” scrolling when viewing album art would be great too.

  3. File info such as bitrate, file type, song/album year, etc.