Impossible to remove from Go list?

Must say thath the instructions in the manuall isnt  matched how the reality works when it comes to remove

a song from the Go list once its added in the Sansa Express

*Select Playlist

Select Go list

Press <<or >>button to select song

Press Submenu

moce down to remove song from playlist*

remove sound from playlist doesnt show us as a alternative

only clear playback list…not really what i want 

There is after all only 2 buttons thath can even be of question to be correct one here?

thath 10 & 11 aka Submenu/down ore Select

Submeny goes back to where you started and select just says “allredy in the go lost”

how shall i press? ore isnt it even possible to remove with this modell?

Spelling, and second, what are you asking about?

**bleep**…Im sorry a word falled away as usual :cry:

“Remove sound from playlist” doesnt show up as an alternative

only clear playback list"

that is the problem basicly, thath function no-where to be find.

Can you please give me the correct press-button-order u use to find it?

cause the manual seem to suggest wrong?

So you’re trying to remove a individual song from the playlist?

There isn’t a function like that unfortunately. This wasn’t a feature on the “m2XX” series either.

Aha i see, well seens it stood in the following manual of my player i was convinced there should have been

for my modell

thanks for replying

Then why does the manual say there is?  The manual for the Sansa is so full of errors it is unusable.